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LEGO House


In Billund DK, you will find the home of the famous brick LEGO. The latest adding to the LEGO empire is the architectural sensation LEGO HOUSE designed by the world known Bjarke Ingels Group. LEGO HOUSE has been underway for 7 years and it has taken 4 years to build the unique building. It’s a building full of character, playfulness and fantasy. Representing 21 enormous LEGO bricks it truly lives up to the name. Inside you will find different color zones that celebrates each its theme. You also find a big LEGO museum with LEGO art and history from all around the world. One of the most unique features of the building is its colorful roof, where you really can enjoy the details of the LEGO brick and all the characteristics colors. The colors are made by UNO UNIQA Group, which are made of reusable rubber. This sets the ground of future materials in many upcoming projects – where green solutions will be the defining factor for any future buildings.