Flubber Cube-legepalds
Ladder Horiz-legeplads

Greensboro Children’s Museum

For the past 18 years, the Greensboro Children’s Museum (GCM), the center of North Carolina’s third largest city, has been dedicated to impart learning content to children in a playful and interactive way. Contrary to the usual rules of conduct in traditional museums in the USA, the GCM encourages visitors to touch and try out the exhibition pieces to arouse the curiosity of exploring and discovering the children. In the course of the expansion of the museum, a breathtaking outdoor climbing playground with the name “Outdoor Play Plaza” has been developed under the motto “Reaching Greater Heights”. The goal was to create an all-purpose feature to attract additional visitors. The playground should not only be a collection of swings, slides and carousels, but a real attraction in the style of a recreation park.

For the first time, two of the nine-meter-tall Neptun XXL space network structures were installed next to each other and connected to each other via a tunnel at dizzying heights. In this way an impressive climbing landscape has emerged, which can be seen from a distance. At the same time you have a perfect view of the skyline of Greensboro from the tips of the toys.

The Neptune XXL is the highest climbing frame – Now, 1840 meters of rope lead twice to climb up to 500 children at the same time. At each step the cables spring back. The 500 meter galvanized and powder-coated steel tube of the scaffold keep everything together and stable.