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We have gathered our playgrounds and outdoor installations from all around the world, to inspire and engage architects, entrepreneurs and influencers in the market of playgrounds. If you want to obtain perspective and knowledge on the art of creating playgrounds and outdoor environments you have found the right place.

Play is for everyone

Kids, teens and adults will enjoy the playground solutions, due to their high focus on learning, exercise and most importantly play. Adults forget to play. Children activates and motivates adults to find their inner child spirit, especially on playgrounds. It is funny how play is an activity that unites people. No matter age, gender and religion play brings people together.

Play is instinct

The play factor is seen in almost all living creatures. Have you ever seen lion cubs when they play? Play is important to learn and is a crucial feature for the cubs to become predators and adults. The mother lion connects with her cubs and teaches them how to survive through play. The play traditions are carried out through generations.


Drawn by architects

To build engaging playgrounds and indoor learning environments are fundamental to us. Anything that can make life quality a bit better is something we strive to achieve. We can guarantee we will wake your inner playful soul. UNO Koncept A/S and UNIQA A/S delivers the unexpected and most creative projects.

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We are here to be your partner on your next project. With the best team to deliver unique solutions for you. Sustainability, usability and technology are keywords when working with us. We see our self as first movers and trendsetters, as results of our great collaboration with the finest clients and suppliers in the world.
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